​Funeral and Memorial Services

If you are experiencing a loss and need to reach us, please call 1-320-693-8151. We’re here to help any time, day or night.

Funeral Service
Whether you choose burial or cremation, a funeral is a ceremony for the deceased. A funeral service is an important opportunity to honor and remember a life lived, but it is also a vital first step in helping the bereaved heal after the loss of someone special. The service structure can range from contemporary to traditional. Religious and non-religious preferences often influence specific selections, but you can generally expect readings, speeches, and music. 

Memorial Services
A memorial service, like a funeral service, is a special opportunity to gather to remember and honor a loved one. It can be held shortly after a death or at a later time. The difference is that the deceased’s body is not present at a memorial service, but a photo or an urn might be. 

Whether you choose a funeral or memorial service, we believe in the value of creating a highly meaningful, personalized tribute. We are here to help you plan a service that is as unique as your loved one. Here are just a few of the ways you can personalize a funeral or memorial service:

  • Hold the service at a non-typical venue, such as a park, aquarium, or farmstead
  • Display memorabilia that had great meaning to your loved one
  • Have the procession led by something fitting for your loved one, such as a motorcycle or fire truck
  • Choose music your loved one enjoyed 
  • Serve your loved one’s favorite food or treats 

Following a funeral or memorial service, it is common for guests to gather and share a meal. A reception is an important opportunity for friends and family to come together more informally to cry, to laugh, and to begin healing. 

Our funeral home has a reception center available for your family. Please visit with our staff for more information.​